Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Planning for Success" Workshop

Alan conducted his first Planning for Success class on Tuesday. We had 9 people pre-register but were warned that people here sign up and then about 1/3 show up (if you're lucky).  Nevertheless, Alan and Martha called each one to remind them on Monday, one day before the class.
This workshop is required if someone is planning to get a PEF loan.

We were very excited when we had to set up extra chairs for the 16 participants that showed up.  Most were actually about 10 minutes early.  I think we are the new attraction at the Zoo.  The people are curious about the strange American senior missionary couple .

Alan had them break up into three small groups for a group activity as part of the workshop.  They are working on their career dreams. You can see some yellow post-it notes on the wall.  We had them write their wildest dreams on the notes and post them on the wall. Alan encouraged them to work hard and study hard to achieve these dreams. 
They will need courage to achieve their dreams, don't we all.  I like this saying:
                                            "Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will"

Alan seemed pretty comfortable during the workshop and only struggled for a few spanish words (as far as I could tell, but then I don't understand anything).  Seated at the back and near the door is our Area Seventy, Elder Romeu, from Buenos Aires offering his support.

The workshop teaches the participants to use the following method in determining their careers:

                                                     Determine your options
                                                     Gather information
                                                     Make your decision
                                                     Share your plan

And then of course, go for it (some may need a PEF loan to acquire their dream).
The participants vary greatly, one is in a stake presidency and one is homeless living on the streets. This is a 3 week course (once a week) or 4 weeks if you need a PEF loan.  It will be interesting to see how many of the participants return this coming week.

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  1. The new attraction at the zoo, I love it! At least you don't stink!