Monday, June 28, 2010

BEEDAY Delight

Best Birthday ever!!! Some how this post got posted after Joshua's Birthday post, so we are out of order. Oh well, the day started out with a very cute Bee greeting poster using my favorite colors and then onto my breakfast of choice on the special red plate! I found a floral arrangement from the yard on the bar (I would say garden but that's a stretch) and 2 cute boxes with 200 year old Roman glass bling from Israel inside (nice). Alan took the day off work to spend it with me, a first (miracles happen)!! Then it was onto shopping downtown, taking grandson Josh shopping to get his Cub Scout uniform for his B-day, dinner at Cheese Cake Factory and then head home to a movie or go to a movie.

But.... my children planned a surprise "BEEDAY" party in the back yard!!

Alan knew all about it and so did little Joshua and no one "spilled the beans" to me about the party.

It was a beautiful garden party filled with BEES!

I love Bees, fake ones that is.

They went crazy-over-the top decorating! Abby made a marvelous-wonderful Beehive cake delight.

Cutest little Bee cookies by Liz and Beehive cake...

And don't get me started on the Beehive Pinata filled with delights for the kiddies.

I have no idea how they kept the kids away from the goodies while they waited for me to show up! I decided that we needed to stop at Costco on the way home and so the kids waited and waited. One cannot be rushed in Costco!

Oh the Bees, the Bee glow sticks, the Bee horn blowers, the Bee chocolate bars, the Bee cups, the Bee water bottles, the Bee cake, the Bee cookies, the Beehive, the flowers, the black and white (my favorite colors) mixed with yellow, the little homemade bees, the festive Mickey birthday hat (out of place with the Bee theme but, we work Mickey into just about everything we do!)

The word that comes to mind is "Fairy like" but I guess I would need to say "Bee like", but it did feel fairy like!!

The wind blowing the balloons and ribbons, the kids blowing their horns... magic.

Party games and everything!! Snicker bars in the pinata that got wet because I knocked it into the stream and got everything wet so we couldn't eat the bars. Throwing away snicker bars is just wrong!!
It was a wonderful shock-surprise of which I had no clue. I must be losing my edge as Gladice Gravits, the snoop . It was a very hot day to be hauling tables and setting up the Magical Beeville out side! It was a wonderful way to end a great day and with a party like this, who cares if I'm a year older! Best Birthday Ever - thank you, thank you for the great party!!

8 Years Old

Our oldest grandchild turned 8 on Sunday. Saturday Liz threw a very cool party for him!

I certainly enjoyed the decor!

A pirate named John took the group on a treasure hunt and everyone knows that pirates love water!

Sunday we had a little celebration dinner for Joshua. We could not find a candle in the house so we used a match. We had wonderful cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, but Josh wanted a little white donut.

Getting all decked out for Cubs!

A little pocket knife training with his new Y hat and marshmallow fun.

Happy Birthday Josh we love you!!

Abby is Twenty

No longer in her teens, she started the day with the "Red Plate" for breakfast.

Then onto the presents! She got jamies, a ring (which was returned because it was breaking), Sam's club membership etc. We went shopping downtown, Toy Story 3 movie, dinner and watched the movie "Miracle" which she also got.

I didn't wrap it up, but she is also going to see the Lion King in Vegas, we just need to figure out a date. Happy Birthday Abby, the twenties will be better than the teens!! Love ya Birthday Girl!

Savannah's Dance

Savannah had a dance recital at Kingsbury Hall. They did the play or ballet version of "Beauty and the Beast". It was very professional with huge back drops and sound track from the play. We couldn't take pictures so Liz took these during the dress rehearsal.

Her lip stick was great and she loved her flowers. Well done Savannah!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

What would Father's Day be without a new tie!! Josh and Savannah created this tie for Alan. They painted it red (it was a blue tie) and glued on wonderful decor to it. One word... beautiful.

After church Ang and Vince left to go back to Idaho and I am sad, Play days are now over... We then packed up and traveled to Brigham and Tremonton to visit our dad's.

Lester insisted on making us his famous stir fry. Yes I know it's Father's Day but this is what he wanted to do! It was very good!!!

John and Liz dropped by to visit Grandpa too. I love his red flowers and his yard was perfect! Happy Father's Day!!