Thursday, September 25, 2014

COTO Food Market (Supermercado)

COTO Food Market is the most modern grocery store we have close to us.  It is 3 blocks away from our apartment, which seems a lot longer walking in pouring rain!

The fish and meat department smell as you walk quickly by.  This guy is tossing ice on the fish.

In the produce department, you bag your fruit or veggies and take them to this man and he weighs them and puts a price on them, then you can go through the check out stand quicker.  Not a bad idea.

 Bimbo brand everything is big here.  COTO has these little plastic container buckets with a long handle that you drag around on the floor and put your food in them. The shopping carts have a mind of their own and really don't work or roll the way you would like them to go. The plastic bucket/baskets make a lot of noise when you drag them all over the store. Look mom, no wheels!

Alan had the idea to bring these 2 bags below (from IKEA) to haul our groceries to our apartment and they have been wonderful! We needed to buy a COTO bag on one grocery trip, so now we have 3 bags to try to fit our food in.

For breakfast every morning I eat "Copas de Maiz" flakes (no sugar added) from COTO, with a little soy milk (they don't have almond milk in Rosario). Alan eats oatmeal with granola and my corn flakes mixed all together with a lot of milk!

So far we have devoured 3 small containers of San Cor brand Dulce de Leche. We spread it mostly on crackers, it is caramel at its best!

On Sundays we don't eat out or ask Isabel to cook for us, so on Saturday we buy what ever COTO has that we can warm up.

Above: basically frozen chicken nuggets with a frozen corn, peas, and carrots mix. We actually fired up the oven for these chicken patties (doesn't look as good as Isabel's food). We have also tried frozen breaded chicken patties with spinach layered in-between. Above is a lettuce/carrot salad with a meat tart. They have no salad dressing that you can buy at the store so we were told to use lemon juice or balsamic and olive oil mixed.

Below: these sandwiches (Sandwich de Miga) are everywhere and are good. No crusts. This one has lettuce and tomato on it and is really good. Most sandwiches don't have the tomato/lettuce because it won't last as long in the store. Also pictured is Argentina's version of potato salad with peas and tomatoes in it. They call it Russian salad or "ensalada Russo".

Above: Large Tartas for 2, these are very good. They come filled with spinach or ham and cheese (my favorite), or shredded chicken and cheese.
This cabinet (below) is our pantry. So as you can see, we can't buy too many things at COTO. That's about $100 US dollars in plastic containers to keep the humidity out of our food. Plastic is expensive down here and Tupperware brand is about $3-$4 more than the generic brand.  We only have one Tupperware container. The containers shown below are All-a-Dollar quality too.
The lids don't fit quit right.

COTO carries Ades brand regular soy milk and then they have manzana soy milk (that tastes like you poured apple juice into your soy milk, but it tastes pretty refreshing. Then there is the pear juice, it's really good! But, these little cookies below are cheap, taste pretty good for a quick treat and last forever especially in Tupperware!

                                                             Another weakness.

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