Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dumpster Diving

Dumpster exploring is very popular down here. There is a dumpster located on every street.  This father and son team is the best we've seen so far trying to find something in the trash. We've seen motor cycles pulling a cart and bikes pulling a cart, but I love the horse! The above picture is of the dumpster on our street. Below is an open container that is used around a construction site and people just filled it up! The first time we saw this, I said, "hurry let's snap a photo."  But sadly, this is not a rare occurrence.  We see dumpster diving several times a day.  It's common.

This picture below is a family - father, mother and son all on bikes, my heart aches for them. Maybe (I like to think) this is a hobby to find good bargains! We take our garbage to a dumpster on our street every morning like the dumpster below. I'm a little nervous about what the smell will be like in the humid summer!!

On our street we have a recycling bin too and we've seen people with carts pulling card board out of dumpsters and stacking them neatly in their cart.

As we walk the streets of Rosario we will sometimes see bags on the ground next to a dumpster. My first thought was that the people were too lazy to lift the lid of the dumpster. But we have discovered that the person was leaving it for others who are in need. Maybe there was leftover food or something of value in the bag that someone else could use.  We have seen toys, games and clothing at the foot of a dumpster too. Sometimes we will see a plastic bag hung on a rail on a building with bread in it, this is also for someone in need. People won't smile at you or say hello on the streets (for fear of being robbed), but they are a careing and loving people.

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