Monday, September 8, 2014

Fix it Time

 Our second Saturday in Rosario was fix-it time. Alan and the fix-it-man are working on our estufa. (gas heater).  Once again you have to stick a match in it and turn on the gas for it to work. Our Mission President also got us a bed, so bye bye bunk beds! Since there is only one estufa, it's a good thing our apt is small.

One problem was our new mattress would not fit up the stairs or elevator, so they (4 guys with very long ropes) hoisted and pulled it up the front of the building and brought it through the sliding door, which they took apart. Bunk beds are in the red truck below. Notice all the power lines the moving guys missed hitting as the hoisted the bed up!

 Bing-botta-boom, we have a queen-size bed!! It's actually a very comfortable bed and much appreciated.  Thanks President Zanni!  Somethings here are so expensive, this bed spread was about $80 USD, it should have been a $19 K-Mart special!

It was also fix-our-closet problem day.  Thanks to Alan for bringing Fred/Annette Ghiz's gift of the ultimate Leatherman fix-it knife. It is so heavy (because of it's many tools) that we also keep it in our night stand as our weapon of choice if someone breaks into our apartment! Alan disassembled and removed this shelf and viola... 

 We can now hang all our clothes in the closet and the red dresser was moved into the bedroom. The owner said we could take the lock off this red dresser and we removed her stuff from inside, it was much needed space. And the suit cases are put away for 1 year!

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  1. I seriously love the bed being hoisted up! I can only imagine you pacing back and forth during the process!