Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Churchill Downs

Kentucky Derbyville - horses, horses, horses

The inner track is covered to get ready for the big race and if you don't know what the big race is well, you are not from Kentucky!
The buildings are to keep the horses happy so I'm just guessing that they probably have cable TV, saunas, air conditioning etc., because the rest of this place is pretty nice!

Yes, the viewing stands have green folding chairs! In the picture below you can see the new Papa Johns University of Louisville Stadium that is right across the street from Churchill Downs!

Here is the front of it with the big bats.
Inside Churchill Downs we found some betting going down on the big screens
"Horsey, horsey on your way, we'll be together for many a day, so let your tail go swish and your wheels go round, giddyup, you're homeward bound"!
You know for me, horse racing is on the same level as dog racing or any other type of gambling, it just isn't my cup of tea(and I don't drink tea either)! But, they have a beautiful place for the horses to run and people to spend money!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

University of Louisville

We toured the University campus where Katherine is going to school on Thursday and found that they put the University Logo everywhere!

Below is the parking garage where she parks everyday and is usually on the top level.
This is the bridge she uses (I am very detailed) to get from the garage to campus!
Campus clock tower fun...

The building in the background in the center of the picture is the building where Katherine has her classes
And of course I am very glad that the University is prepared!
Lots and lots of horses in Louisville, I wonder why?
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY

On Friday of our Louisville trip we ate breakfast here. It is located in downtown Louisville and was very fun! Lynn is an artist, cook, decorator and business woman and was on some food network that Katherine and Taurean had seen.
We ate inside but there was a place (above) for outdoor eating. This tea pot was so fun to watch all the bubbles creating new shapes.

Inside the restaurant the tie lamp was my favorite and yes, those are legs coming out of the wall.

This is what my breakfast looked like. I must be part Japanese for taking pictures of my food!
Notice the tree in the background with lamps hanging upside down! These pictures do not do this place justice.
And of course a horse toaster with bread and all! The tables were all old 50's type tables with all different type chairs. The food was expensive for breakfast but I would go again to see what she adds to the decor!
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Louisville March 2010

Alan and I flew out to visit Katherine and Taurean on Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day)
I don't know why my brain was not hooked up, but I forgot to take pictures of their apt! I got a few shots but, not of all their cute rooms, swimming pool, tennis courts, walking path, work out room etc.
This is the hall way that leads to their apt. and some wonderful "Superman" poses.
Their apartment was so clean and then we moved in our suitcases and stuff and messed it all up! Taurean is the painter of the art work on the wall!
Louisville Temple is right next to a church building and we were supposed to go Thursday night but, I forgot to pack our Temple clothes.
Katherine and Taurean's church building is below and is very close to their apartment. They had Stake Conference on Sunday and split their stake. They held the meeting in two buildings and this Stake Center was packed!
If you send Katherine a letter, just picture this smile on her face!
This is their club house and where her mail box is located. This picture was taken from their hall way. We had a great trip and I will be posting other pictures of our trip soon. Thanks Katherine and Taurean for the wonderful bed, food and tours! We love you.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Party 2010

We held our annual St. Patrick's Day Party on Sunday and were missing a few quests this year but, we tried to be as festive as possible. Our King of the "Lucky Leprechaun's" was front and center on our feasting table.
There was a lot of the green and gold to dazzle the eye
The tiny little Leprechaun's had spread out a lot of their gold for us to admire.

A fun and exciting time was enjoyed by all...
Art design was a popular attraction
Leprechaun hunting was a great sport
And finding a "Pot of Gold" was a highlight for sure!
A little Irish Spring for all was enjoyed
Games with an Irish flair did delight

Some searching for a "Gold Coin" (coin, coin, whose got the gold coin) was divine.

May your blessings out number the Shamrocks that grow and may trouble avoid you wherever you go!
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