Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversay

Ang and Vince I can't believe it has been five years ago, yesterday! (sorry I didn't get this posted on your anniversary day. I didn't think I had any wedding day pictures, but I found some!) Oh, the little old mini cooper get-a-way car.
We wish you many more wonderful years together, We Love You

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Liz

Relaxing before we eat at the Cheese Cake Factory for Liz's Birthday Dinner.
Okay, it's not the best picture of Liz but the cheese cake plate looks great!
Happy Birthday Liz, we love you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joshua's Kindergarten Program

Joshua's class sang lots of songs and Josh was in a Halloween skit, he was a vampire. They did things from all the year.
Josh's book of all his work from the year.
Joshua's class sang a really cute song called "kiss your brain" but it is too long to put on the blog (I tried all night and found out it has too much mg). It was very cute but, I did get part of this song called "Days of the Week":
(FYI: Josh's good friend Will is in the white shirt four over from Joshua)

Memorial Day Adventures

Perfect grandchildren!
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles...
We were going to have a BBQ in the back yard, but it was too cold so we brought the outdoors in with our grass and picnic table cloths.
The kids loved their bubble sticks. We grabbed what ever jackets we could find in the house for the kids.

Everyone got a turn for a scooter ride. The scooter in finally legal.

John found a new sport! Trying to go up hill and not tip over!
Megan found two shoes that she loves together.

A Hiking We Will Go

Saturday, May 23rd we went for a morning hike with Tom's Family. We soon found out that there were many bikers on the trail training for a race on Memorial Day.
Draper Temple in the background.
Hi ho, Hi ho, it's on the narrow trail we go... with bikers on our tail and now where to go to get off the path for the bikers!
Not one bandage was used on this hike!

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, May 22 we drove to Tremonton and then to Pocatello to decorate graves with Grandpa Lester. After decorating graves we went to Rigby to visit Jack and Brooke. Oh, and also Ang.
Jack is very skilled at hand washing.
Two peas in a pod!
Brooke likes her Great Grandpa Lester.
Papa Alan and Jack were looking at the baby birds that have hatched on a beam right below their deck.
Grandma Benon's parents.
Grandpa Lester's parents. In Idaho they don't really cut around the head stones so we brought up the heavy equipment (I mean the work tools).
We stopped in Brigham City on our way home and decorated graves.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jon & Kate plus 8

I bought this book and am sad that I did. First it isn't worth the money and second I am done with Jon & Kate plus 8 TV series. Although, I will watch the new season show next week, I think, just to see what they say. What can they say! I don't want to watch a show about a mom and dad who are separated. I like to watch happy families. So my attention is turning to 18 kids and counting show.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Favorites of the Month

I just finished the book, Pride and Prejudice. I think I was watching "You've got Mail" and decided to give the book a whirl. We got this book for Thomas when he was in Middle School or High School for a class. It has seen too many back packs, by the time I finished it the cover fell off. I loved it and also like the A&E movie version of it on DVD, the four hour one. Although Jane in this movie isn't very pretty. Now that I am done reading it I can get to bed before 1 am.
Yes, this is one of my favorites. Charmin TP. I have taken it to Mexico, FL, CA and many other places. It basically saved our lives in Mexico when we got Montezuma's revenge. Alan will never make fun of me for taking my TP with me any more. What can I say but that I am spoiled.
This picture is side ways and I have no idea how to put it right (help katherine), but these are good and you can find them at Costco.

Lunch at Grandma's

We were going to Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden but it got too windy so we ate at Grandma's and played. Notice Savannah's head band!

The wind even blew over the orange warning cones and Josh ran and saved them from blowing down the street.

Crazy Daisy is the best! It's totally CRAZY!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two Hours at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Megan's glasses are the best!

I am missing 2 grandchildren!!
I hope they didn't drink the water
It's a good thing that Grandma always has a bandage in her bag for falls.
Entrance hedge into the "Secret Garden"
Okay, maybe they are trying to salute or maybe they are saying "No, Grandma not another picture!" or maybe the sun is just too bright!

Friday was a delightful day in the sun with the kids, oh and their moms and dads too.