Monday, September 8, 2014


We've had a couple of miracles happen since we have been in Argentina. First one was that we survived the bus ride from Buenos Aires and didn't have heat stroke!  The second is that I didn't break my ankle.
I should have posted this earlier on the blog, but we just took a picture of the crime scene! We walk 11 blocks to church and 11 blocks back every Sunday.  The side walks are filled with dog poop and many, many cracked tiles or just dirt holes. We are constantly dodging obstacles in our path. Coming back from church 2 weeks ago we were walking quickly to get back to our apartment and I twisted my ankle and fell down into this window

 Luckily this store was closed so they had their metal bars down or I would have gone through the glass.  I limped a little bit back to the apartment and then my foot felt fine.  About an hour later I couldn't even walk on it and was in a lot of pain. We put ice on it and took couple of Ibuprofen and prayed that I could go to our office to meet our boss who was coming down from Buenos Aires the next day.

Monday morning my ankle was swollen and a little bruised, but no pain at all! We went to our office and met Jorge Romeu who is our Area Self Reliance Manager and his Church calling is a General Authority Area Seventy. He is so nice and kind and he speaks english!!

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