Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CAS - Center for Autosufficiancy

Our office is located at Mitre 1377 in Rosario

 It is home for the three Rosario Stakes with a 3-fold purpose: 1) Centro de Auto-suficiencia (CAS= Self-Reliance Center) 2) the seminary and institute classes and 3) it's the local physical facilities offices. Its a nice facility with four large classrooms for training. The bathrooms are clean and nice and we just got filtered water! I think it is filtered, but it seems to be always broken.

This sign still has the old logo and will soon be replaced with Centro de Auto-Suficiencia. CAS combines employment centers, the Perpetual Education Fund and the new training classes and will soon be a call center for PEF loans. You can see some job listing on the bulletin board in the main hall.

If you are wondering what SUD stands for...Santos de Ultimos Dias.
(It's the Spanish way to say LDS)

Elder Wheatley in the center before hours.
We have four computers for public use.  Sometimes there is a waiting line.

We have security cameras for the front door, street view, parking garage and parking gate. People at the front door press a buzzer and then we ask them what they want (check them out) and then buzz them through the first gate.
Security monitor.

People come to the center for training workshops (talleres), prepare curriculums (resumes), check emails and check for recent job listings. Some travel as much as two hours by bus to come to the center.  They can print their curriculums in color on our color printer. (color is a big deal)

Brother Roque and Sister Martha Cabrera (pictured below) are in charge of the center.  They are part-time missionaries called to manage the center itself. They are on a 2-year mission.  They come in at 9 am and leave at 1:00 pm everyday. Since we arrived, they have started wearing their name badges too.

Alan loves the title of the receptionist at the center: Director of First Impressions.  As soon as I can speak a little better (I mean speak at all), this will be one of my jobs.  For now, I smile a lot, nod my head and say: "no comprendo" every time I open my mouth.

Institute class room (above) and Seminary class room (below) are also located in our building.
We can use these classrooms for our workshops.

This Vintage piano is so beautiful and is in one of the classrooms. I took the picture because the keys on this piano are yellow, really, really, yellow. But the picture makes them look white! Real ivory I guess.

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