Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roof Tops of Rosario Argentina

On the top of our apartment building is a terrazzo! It reminds me of an old castle (dark and old), but it does have a clothes line (wires above Alan's head, Bro. Orozco and our apartment buildings super, Juan) where we can hang our wet clothes. With the way the wind blows down here, I'm afraid that my clothes would end up on the roof top of a building 5 blocks away!

Check out the cable wires below and that really does not really show all the wires that are everywhere .

Across the street from our building's roof top is this building below with cages on the top. We asked Juan what's up with the cages on that roof and he said that each apartment in that building has it's own individual cage with a lock to hang up their clothes to dry. He said our building doesn't need cages because we have honest people living in our building!

Yup, we have Direct TV in our building. We turned the TV on twice and all the channels were soccer games (I'm serious)!  No time for us to watch any Spanish TV yet.

Views from the roof tops of Rosario