Thursday, December 24, 2009


The girls helping out

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Welcome Home Katherine

Yea! Katherine came home from Kentucky on the 20th and so we celebrated!
The kids put together a talent show and everyone had a turn.
Lots of excitement.
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Party at Grandpa's

The Wheatley Christmas Party was on the 19th. Lots of singing. Grandpa has the great grandchildren decorate his tree which they love doing.
Party time Wheatley style, Ho Ho Ho

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Happy Birthday Aunt Karen

Aunt Karens Birthday is on Dec. 23rd so we celebrate early! Yes, it was even hosted by Aunt Karen! It was a small Christmas gathering and Karen wanted it at her house. I don't think it was a Birthday party but I gave her her Birthday presents so it turned into a Birthday party. Next year the Christmas event will be at my house!
And of course we had crafts and didn't get to all of them! Happy Birthday Sis
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Better Watch Out

Some of my favorite Santa's! I love "You better watch out" picture and Jazzy Santa plays "Santa Clause is coming to town" (reminds me of Tom's saxophone playing days)
Alan made this wood Santa years ago and it still is a keeper and wouldn't be Christmas without it.
Everyone loves Mr. Potato Head Santa with his pink ears...HoHoHo!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Food and more food! Abby designed our lovely fresh floral arrangements on the serving bar. We tried a new yam receipe with apples in it this year (that Liz made) and it is a keeper. Angie made a frozen cranberry salad that was divine!
Grandma and Reese came and added to the fun and then their were the little Indian Turkeys
Thanks Aunt Karen for the Tepee! It was played with for hours. It was a pretend boat, space ship, house and it is still standing...but a little bent over.
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Thanksgiving Evening Fun

We had our 3rd annual Pie Contest and yes Abby won 2 years in a row
The grand kids got to open a present with jamies and then we loaded up in 3 cars and went to the lights at Thanksgiving Point and Santa greated us and asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. It was magical for me and the men tolerated it. I almost cried when I saw Santa!
We missed Katherine and Taurean very much!!!

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Thanksgiving Games

Dancing like Turkeys and Thanksgiving trivia

Puppet show fun!
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Ang's Craft Show

The Saturday before Thanksgiving Ang was part of a big craft show in Idaho Falls. She had 2 of her sister-in-laws help her in the booth. I got to tend the kids which was very fun and then Ang came to Utah with us. Ang I just enlarged this picture and it is not the best of you... sorry. With my pictures dumping into picasa it only lets me post 4 pictures at a time and I didn't get to enlarge this one. Hey, it looks good on the small size!
Jack spent some quality time with grandpa and the grinch
Brooke spent time playing with the vac plug in. It is only a matter of time before she starts putting things in it.
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November Fun

Jack and Brooke came early for Thanksgiving and we had some fun! Jack enjoyed watching Brooke sleep "in" the monitor and popping bubble wrap.
Raking leaves on a cold day
Caution: men at work
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