Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunset Draper Style

Sunset on Joshua's 7th Birthday! Top picture is without a flash, bottom is with. It kinda felt like we were on Mars since the sunset was cast to the North not the West side of the valley! The pictures don't do it justice.

Happy Birthday Joshua

Joshua turned 7 on Sat. the 27th! We all celebrated by going to breakfast at Mimi's and then went to Tom and Angie's home to open presents.

Savannah and Autumn had a soccer game too.
Josh got a snow cone machine and boy is it good!
Grandpa is trying to put together a Lego set... they are hard!
Happy, Happy Birthday Joshua.. We Love You!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I lieve it's your birthday!


And eat some of this delicious cake I made you. Okay, I didn't make the cake, instead I commandeered your blog to send you this happy birthday greeting.

Hap Bee Birthday Mom!

Love Angie

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Josh and Savannah "Hand" made a apron for grandpa. It will be used alot!
Liz bought an apron for Jack to make for his dad and he colored it all by himself! On Sunday they canceled all our meetings in the Stake due to the spread of H1N1 Flu so we went to Tremonton to visit Grandpa and attend church with him. Actually we had planned to go anyway but the stake canceling all meetings meant we missed nothing at home! Brooke loves her Great Grandpa.

We brought up lunch and enjoyed salmon, potatoes, salad, DAD'S root beer etc. and enjoyed grandpa's patio.
Grandpa always keeps such a neat yard and it looked wonderful! We love you Grandpa and we hope to have many more Fathers Day with you!

Wheatley Adventures

Ang and Vince returned from Powell and so I no longer will be able to see this cute little face! Ang brought her bumper pad and put it on my crib. It helped so much because Brooke plays with the cute little flowers and tries to untie the ties on it. Billions of kisses were given out this last week.
This is our make shift changing table (the dryer). Ya just gotta give hugs and kisses to this little cutie! I miss them already! What do I do with all this free time?

Al is entertaining the children this past weekend with pass the dice game with spoons.
It stopped raining for a couple of minutes and Josh dashed outside to go snail hunting
This is Jack's favorite thing to do, squirt everything in sight

Friday, June 19, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Ang and Vince left for Lake Powell on Sunday, so I get to tend! John went on a camp out on Wed. and so Liz, Joshua and Savannah are staying over too. One BIG sleep over party!! Playing with cousins is great fun!
Brooke is in toy heaven...
Joshua is a great teacher and fun pal for Jack.

Savannah, the binkie is for Brooke! Just kidding.. Savannah has turned out to be a very good baby sitter, but is still in training.
Jack is doing the "stay-in alive" dance in the new bounce castle. Fun time with cousins..
This is how Brooke spends most of her time at Grandma's.
The bounce castle is a new addition to the Wheatley play house of toys. It is a very big hit! It fits very nicely in the basement family room.
We even have some balls for added fun. There are 200 balls in the bouncer and it looks like ten! Party on kids! Grandma is hanging in there and loving every minute of tending, although I haven't put on any make up in a week or done my hair (which is probably a good thing)! No time for such things. Actually, it has been a great break from the make up-hair thing, but I am staying home and inside. I would scare the neighbors if I were to venture out! But, the kids look great!!

Adventures in Babysitting (part 2)

Jack is having a blast deciding which movies to watch and Brooke has all new toys to play with. Life is good!

Showing off for Grandma

Joshua knows how to make good treats! Josh is a very big helper with all the kids. Jack loves Josh being around to play with.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jack Happy 3rd Birthday

Two guys out for a drive on their hot wheels
Jack loves his big cousin Josh. Josh is riding Jacks new Birthday bike and Jack is riding grandma's.
Jack loves his little sister

Jack's Birthday was on Friday the 12th and he came down from Idaho and celebrated with us on Saturday. Wow, Lots of presents and lots of fun for Jack's 3rd Birthday.

He loves his gas pump from his Aunt Abby and Aunt Katherine and Uncle Taurean. It comes in very handy for his new Hot Wheels bike,

Big cake for a little guy. We love you Jack, Happy 3rd Birthday!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Target Sunday Creations

These beautiful and functional outfits were created by John! Savannah needed some pants to wear because her's got dirty! We think all the kids will be wanting to wear these very comfortable and stylish jumpsuits and shorts!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Excitement in the Sky

Tonight we had some big rain on the west side of the valley. Notice the golfers out on the green. Rain doesn't stop them!
We had beautiful clouds and sunshine on the east side and...
In the middle of the valley we had 4 jet fighters escorting an airplane! Nine Eleven comes to mind.
Well, that's what it looked like at 7pm tonight. The sound of the jets were very loud.
I love my camera! I turned on KSL radio and found out it is Armed Forces week and they were doing fly overs (maybe for the Buzz game).
People were calling 911 and the radio and TV stations to report it. You can all be proud of me. I was not one of those people calling in! And that's what we did for FHE! I just looked at Tom's site and his pictures are awesome! But, he does have a BIG camera. I still like my pictures, I have valley views!