Sunday, September 21, 2014

Argentina Food

On our way home from our office we found a cute take-out food store, "Te La hace Simple".  We ordered its "12 Triples Especiales Sandwich" not knowing really how big it was or what it looked like. It came on a long, hard piece of bread (so hard we couldn't break off a piece) with 6 square sandwiches on it (2 sandwiches are gone so you could see the bread tray).

I started to eat one sandwich and it tasted funny but Alan's was fine. There were 3 different kinds of sandwiches on this bread tray. Then Alan started to eat his second sandwich and decided to look up what it was that we were eating. It was raw ham (pictured below), you couldn't even chew the meat! It was called Jamon Crudo (crude/raw ham). We won't be buying this again anytime soon and so far no sickness has occurred.

From this same take-out place is this delicious chicken salad (lettuce, tomatoes, egg, chicken) in a cracker edible bowl. We will be buying this again to eat!

One building away from our apartment 
is a little "Almacen" (mini-market). Isabel owns 3 of these markets. On our second time in her store she saw us buying a sandwich dinner and asked if we'd be interested in having her cook some dinners for us. She gave us her phone number. Yeah right, I thought that was like buying food off the street! Alan talked me into having her make dinner for us one night, he used the word missionary effort (getting to know our neighbors).

Well, she is making dinner for us a lot now and it is fantastic and no sickness! Isabel's face is hidden by the register.

Above: Fish, potatoes pure' (mashed), veggie salad with green beans.

Above: Empanadas, Ham & Cheese, Pollo, Beef, and Spinach. (that is just Alan's plate)

Salad and Pizza with a very thick crust, but it was very flavorful.  Lots of cheese with green olives. (we forgot to take a picture of the whole pizza)

Milanesa Napolitana (best Milanesa we've had), potato salad, tomato salad and peanuts covered in a hard spicy shell.  Cacauates? (very good)

Chicken and Potatoes (al Horno)                                Chicken and Rice with a tomato/onion salad

She brings the food hot and packaged in plastic disposable containers to her store and we bring them to our apartment and put it on our plates!!  I'm in heaven and it is only $4 US dollars a person!! Some things in Argentina are so expensive, but this food isn't! When we get home from our office we still have to work, so this is heaven sent! I'm wondering if she would like to move to Draper in a year!

This above picture is the best meal so far from Isabel! Meat filled pasta with the best sauce I have ever tasted (it must be a 1000 calories)! Below: steak and oven roasted potatoes, salad with tomatoes and beets, delicious!!

With all the walking we are doing we figured we were losing weight, but having Isabel now cook for us, we are in big trouble, but are feeling very blessed and well fed!

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