Sunday, September 14, 2014

TAL Class

Here is a photo of the participants of one of the TAL workshops. (Graduation day)  TAL stands for Taller de Autosuficeiencia Laboral. (Self-reliance Career Workshop) Alan and I took the class to get the hang of the workshops.  It was fantastic, at least that's what Alan says.

It is taught twice each month by Mary Gomez who has been volunteering and teaching this same class for over 10 years. The workshops are very well-designed.  In four short days, it prepared this group with new-found tools to seek better employment, how to interview more effectively, and how to put their best foot forward.

Alan participated (maybe a little too much) and wrote down a few Spanish words that he didn't understand, to look up later.  I didn't say a word but made a list of the Spanish words that I did understand.  My list was shorter than his.... a lot shorter!

The one thing all the participants had in common is that they are all unemployed.  But they all were excited and eager to learn.  I could tell that they all walked away from the workshop with new hope and wonderful new tools to improve their economic conditions.

You can see the diligence and focus of two of the participants during the workshop. Each workshop opens with a prayer and somewhere during the day, at least one relevant principle is shared from the scriptures.

I was surprised to learn that on the last day (graduation day) we serve some little sandwiches called "Sandwich de miga" and some Tang.  Did I say Tang is very big here? At least 20 feet of shelf-space is dedicated to Tang in the Supermercado COTO. Mary and Felicia (above) are volunteers at the center. Felicia broke her arm when she fell down walking on the sidewalks of Rosario (I feel her pain).

Graduation luncheon had your choice of Mate or Tang with your sandwiches. The luncheon gave us a chance to get to know each other better and become acquainted with each personal story and struggle. I was told this by Alan since I didn't understand a word in the entire 4 day class. Wait, I haven't understood anything since I've been down here!!

A busy Monday at the center. Everyone wants computer time to prepare or upgrade their C.V. (resume) after the workshop. It was like this all day. Two participants had never touched a computer. They left with a printed Curriculum Vitae (including their picture printed on it), made by themselves (with a little help) was a miracle to them. Hopefully they will all find jobs. Two of the participants were non-members and were investigating the Church.

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