Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rosario West Stake Conference

Just as we were leaving to attend a Stake Conference today, the heavens opened, and it poured.  Thunder Storms are wild in Rosario, umbrellas don't hold up to horizontal rain and wind. We stood on a street corner and finally flagged down a cab and the seat had huge puddles of water on it from some one who had been soaked.  My skirt did a great job of soaking up all that water!  When we arrived at the Stake Center the Elders were helping members out of their cars or helping members who had walked without an umbrella. The Stake President grabbed our 2 umbrellas and gave them to the Elders to help others into the building.

Four Elders were dripping wet, soaked to the skin because they didn't have umbrellas but were helping members anyway!! Umbrellas get ruined quickly in the wind so a lot of members don't use them. This family (below) brought their own towels to dry themselves off when they got to the Church.  I went in to the bathroom to get a paper towel to dry off my skirt, shoes and legs but the bathroom was filled with sisters soaked to the skin.  Water dripping off of every inch of their bodies. Most women's hair never did dry even after the 2 hour meeting. Everyone sat with dripping hair and wet clothes and didn't seem to mind! It's what they do when it pours!!

This is the Program for Stake Conference.  On one side a coloring page for the children and on the other side the hymns we would sing.

Thank goodness it was just a light rain when we got out of Church!

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