Sunday, November 30, 2014

Side Walks of Rosario

It's 8:30 in the morning and a city cleaner is sweeping the gutters. Businesses and apartment buildings throw water on their part of the side walk every morning and then sweep the water and trash into the gutters. Then this city worker sweeps and gathers the leaves and garbage into a bag and it is picked up later. They do this every day and this street is especially clean! Usually there are papers blowing all over the sidewalks. We walk through a lot of water on the sidewalks on our way to work because almost every building is washing their part of the sidewalk.

The varied colors of the sidewalks are where they have patched them. They use little square tiles for the sidewalks.  Some lay flat, but most are loose and tippy so you can twist your ankle very easily.

And then you'll come across just rocky dirt which is no fun in the rain!

All of these pictures are the sidewalks that we use to go to work everyday. Sorry about the color of these photos below, a filter was on my camera and I didn't notice it.

We walk over 2 miles on these sidewalks everyday. I can't take my eyes off the sidewalk or my foot will fall into a hole or step on an unstable paver or dog poop (that's another story).

The plumbing and utilities are placed under the sidewalks for accessibility.  This way they don't have to dig up the streets.

Watch your step and certainly watch out for doggie dudu which is all over the sidewalks.

If the Travel Bureau of Rosario is listening, I have a suggestion.  They could increase visitor's to the city if they'd just create or enforce an ordinance that required dog owners to clean up this filthy mess.
I'm quite certain that this one problem alone is keeping vacationers away.

Actually, as I look at all the pavement pictures, they somehow look nicer than when I am walking on them!!

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