Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Lockdown 2014

This is the outside of our apartment door and we are locked inside our apartment on Christmas Day because our lock broke! Luckily we were locked inside with food and an air conditioner and not locked outside of our apartment! (door decor was a gift from a volunteer at our office)
The key would not work, we tried and tried! We even tried to take the door off it's hinges, but the door hinges down here are not the same as in the states.
Christmas day and no one was working, the streets were empty! We were scheduled to deliver bread to homeless people on the streets with 2 sister missionaries at 11am.  We picked up the bread on the 24th (picture below) and the bread was at our office, we were locked in our apartment. So to my happiness and joy we got to FaceTime with our children and see the grandkids open their presents!

Grandma (me) couldn't be happier!!!!!! Christmas Day was full of family, laughter and cheer! Very selfish I know!

On the 26th we called our building attendant, no answer. We called our landlord and she gave us a number for a locksmith, no answer. So we called our good friend Eduardo and he was here in 5 minutes with a locksmith! For future reference, if you live on the 5th floor and you need to toss keys to your apartment building security gates to let someone in, you wrap the keys in a towel and put them in a bag and toss! And everyone needs a good friend like Eduardo (pictured below)!

In 5 minutes we had a new lock installed and Freedom!!!!!

Testing the new lock and it worked! $60 US dollars for parts and labor and a house call on a holiday (the 26th is also a holiday in Argentina) and remember he was here in 5 minutes! Now what should we do with this old heavy broken lock!!! Down here you don't throw away such a heavy item, it should have another use, any ideas?

FREEDOM!! Now if our building should catch fire I don't have to use a chair to break down the door to get out! (yes I had planned a strategy for such a scenario, be prepared is my motto)


  1. I must have been really really tired when we facetimed yesterday, because I was under the impression that you COULD get out, just couldn't lock it so you didn't want to leave! Good heavens, we would have facetimed more! You could have watched me run around crazy making my first Christmas dinner for my own family!

  2. That is scary you couldn't get out. I love, love, love your explanation of everything! What a nice guy to come and save you!