Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fruit Cake

Panettone  =  Addiction!

I remember trying fruit cake as a youth and hating it! Panettone by Los Confiteros (our local neighborhood panaderia) is not a fruit cake, it is marvillosa!

 I have eaten (with Alan helping, of course) 2 of these wonderful bread creations this holiday season!

We are talking dried fruits like I have never tasted before!

 Dried cherries, figs, candied nuts, dates, something like an apricot, raisins (and I don't like raisins) and chocolate mixed in here and there. I have enjoyed it for breakfast and lunch and for dessert at dinner time. I want to buy another one, but Alan is hesitating because he knows I will eat the whole thing!

And while we're on the subject of fruit, Isabel our local Almacen store owner and chef, makes an incredible fruit cup. This is another addiction of mine! Lots of fresh apples, orange slices, bananas, kiwi and one cherry in orange juice. Yum yum

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