Friday, October 31, 2014


People keep telling me that Halloween isn't a big deal here, but I keep finding lots of store windows  with very strange costumes. The man above is advertising for a fish market on the corner (not a Halloween costume).

The toys and costumes are not.... well lets say they are not licensed products by Disney.

You can tell what the characters are but they all look like they are from the 50's.

Sorry for the window glare.

We did find 6 plastic buckets on our grocery store shelf (below). The children don't wear costumes to school and they don't go trick or treating.  We asked the people at our office if we should plan on any candy to hand out and they looked at us like we were crazy. Halloween is just starting to be introduced down here. Some feel it is not for christians to participate in.

We had an orange and Alan cut out a pumpkin face.   Happy Halloween from the Rosario!

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