Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Elevator Lift

In our apartment building we have a very small elevator. I don't like it.

You open the wood door and then you find an accordion sliding-type door to open.

You step inside and pull the wood door shut and then slide the accordion door closed and push the 5th floor button (our floor). I think they put the mirror in the elevator so you aren't so claustrophobic! 2 people fit in the elevator, 3 is too many!

One of the reasons I don't like it is because when it stops on your floor, you catch air! It just jerks you to a stop. Plus I have nightmares about the power going out and being stuck in it! One thing I have found out on this mission is that I am claustrophobic! So, we take the circular staircase down 5 flights of stairs and up 5 flights of stairs several times each day.

Usually we are hauling water and food up the stairs. People are telling us that when it gets hot we will use the elevator because the stairs have no windows (air). I will need to do a lot of praying that I can handle the lift of doom then!

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