Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This is our Farmacia which is about 2 blocks from us. You can tell it is a Farmacia because it has a green cross on top of the roof or by the door and they usually are glowing when they are open. Ours is called the Marketing Farm. (??) I guess that means a Farm-acia that does some marketing
¿Quien sabe?

More garbage dumpsters.

You can't miss this Farmacia, it's bright orange and on a corner!

We put these pharmacists to the test trying to find equivalents for our American drugs. Alan had three of them going at once and we went back 3 days in a row to get it all done. BTW: the meds were less than 1/3 the price. Bonus!

Alan on the right doing a drug deal. They were able to match everything we needed.

If you want to weigh yourself, you go to a Farmacia. 

This is the best Farmacia name we've seen. 
Lots of historic buildings all around Rosario, like this one.
Did I say there are lots of Farmacias, almost one on every block.

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