Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rosario Laundordario

We have a cleaners on our corner where we live, what a blessing! We take our dirty laundry in and pick it up the next day all folded and put in a bag.

If we washed our clothes in our apartment they would be hanging all over the place to dry (wait, they would never dry in this humidity)! They even do delivery on the this bike (below). I thought it was just a decoration in the store and then I saw a kid out on the street with laundry in the plastic covered basket!! Awesome!!!!

The attendant didn't want her picture taken so she is hiding in the left of the picture(below). It is hot in there now, I don't know what she will do to keep cool in the summer! It costs $3.50 to get a full laundry basket washed/dried/folded/bed sheets etc., it is so worth it!

Love their big iron below! We have seen other laundordario's and this is the biggest and cleanest one we've seen.  We are so lucky and blessed to have it so close!!  They haven't quite got Alan's white shirts mastered yet, the collars are always a mess. Yes, I am counting my blessings today and this is one of them!

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  1. I just read through all of your posts. Wow, what an adventure!! Still laughing about the three bunk beds:) Keep posting!