Sunday, June 21, 2015

Money (Dinero)

Let me introduce you to our friend Eduardo (sitting), he works in our office building for the Church.  Let me introduce you to Eduardo's friend, Angel.  Everyone calls him Negro because his skin is dark!! What?? We were shocked when they told us this!!  They call people names down here that would never be ok to use in the States!  If your from Chile, than you are a Chileno.  Like, "Oh here comes the Chileno" or if you are of Turkish decent than they say, "oh, here comes the Turk"! And if you have dark skin.... well....., we told the people in our office you cannot call people that in the states if they have dark skin. It is not kind or accepted and you will get into trouble.  They look at us like we are  kidding!

Well, that was a little history lesson but, was not the reason for this post, money is.  Angel wanted some US dollars and we needed some pesos.

So a money deal went down right in the office! The dark Angel (another nickname they have for him) is a hoot, check out his eye (below)!

Marcos, our friend, was in the next office making sure everything was legit.  And of course on his desk is his mate cup and thermos of hot water for his mate.  Mate, in my opinion, is basically dried grass/weeds that they pull out of the ground, dry and sell to people.  It smells nasty and ruins your teeth! 

Hopefully this will be the last money exchange! Argentines like to have US dollars because they are stable and inflation is crazy down here.

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