Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cordoba Temple

Our friends the Orozco's invited us to go to the new Cordoba, ArgentinaTemple with them on Saturday, May 30th. We left at 7am and traveled 41/2 hrs. As soon as we left Rosario it started to get foggy and then it got foggy all over for about an hour.  I don't like to drive in fog!  

The picture below is of the entrance to Cordoba. The picture above on the right is of the hills of Cordoba in the far, far distance!

Cordoba Temple

Below on the left is a picture of the mission home that is on the same block as the new Temple. It is also the mission home that Alan went to 42 years ago! Alan served his mission in Cordoba!

The building below is on the Temple grounds and is housing for the Temple President and other assistants.

Also on the Temple grounds the Church purchased a beautiful Spanish home that the saints traveling to the Temple can use to change from their traveling clothes to their church clothes.

They can also use the kitchen to make themselves lunch or dinner before traveling back home.

The Church reworked the kitchen and set up one of the bedrooms with lockers for people to put their suitcases in with their traveling clothes and food. It also has 2 bathrooms with showers.

The ceilings in this old home are lined with bricks!!

They have 2 outdoor patios with tables and chairs to eat on and 2 rooms inside the home set up with chairs and round table to eat on.  They have one big room lined with chairs.

A beautiful day to enjoy the Temple.  Silvia and Eduardo Orozco, below.

Below, we are leaving the Temple to go eat some dinner.

We traveled 30 minutes to eat dinner in Carlos Paz!!! Alan served in this city 42 yrs ago as a young missionary. We had discussed with the Orozcos if we should do this Temple trip in one day or sleep overnight in Cordoba. We choose to do a day trip and I wish we would have stayed overnight in Carlos Paz! It is a resort town and was so pretty.

 Above picture is of mistletoe on the wires and Carlos Paz mountains below!


 They still had their Christmas tree lights up or maybe since Carlos Paz has mountains and is a vacation spot they have these tree lights up all year round!  We drove home for 3 hours in dense fog with only 1 white stripe showing of the divider line to keep us on the road.  The wind shield would freeze up on the outside and that just added to the fog-driving-chaos! It was exceedingly tense for me!

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