Friday, June 19, 2015


It is getting cold in Rosario and it was also 100% humidity with wind today and that is 25 degrees Fahrenheit !

And our heater (estufa) stove in not working!!!

 We got it to light last night after about 30 matches and tonight it will not light! We left the stove on all night, but had to crack a window because the gas smell was too much for me. We turned it off when we went to work because the it kitchen wall behind the stove was getting hot. Below, is the glow of the fiery beast .... it is pretty scary.

 It is very old and the dial is not working!  We wear thermals, scarves and lots of layers of clothes inside our apartment!!  These buildings have no insulation, so when its 25 outside its about 30 inside! We have 5 vents in the apartment to let in outside air for the gas califacion water heater and estufa.  We really don't need the air vents because non of the windows are air tight!  We feel cross winds blowing thru the apartment when all the windows are shut!

I hear it is very warm in Utah so only 12 days until we warm up!

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