Monday, June 29, 2015

Final Interview with the Mission President

On Monday, June 22nd we met with our Mission President for our final interview.

It would normally be held at the mission home in Fisherton

But when you walk thru the front door, you find this

The mission home has had moisture damage to the walls and they are in a mess!

So our final goodbye was held at La Estancia Restaurant on Pelligrini Street in Rosario.

                                                      It is our favorite place to eat!

President and sister Zanni brought us here on our very first day in Rosario. It is close to our apartment

It has the best beef in Rosario!  Lomo is the best steak here, trust me on this.

Below, one of the Elders is standing right below a picture of Messi (from Rosario) who plays soccer for Argentina.  Messi is a very big deal in Argentina.

President and Herman Zanni, their little daughter (I can't remember her name), their son Santiago, an Elder from the mission home office, their son Federico who just returned from the Taiwan mission and another Elder from the mission office.

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