Thursday, November 20, 2014

Primary Program

Last Sunday we attended two Sacrament Meetings and they both had their Primary Program! Best Sunday yet!!! This Ward had 10 Primary children and that included their nursery age children and one Deacon (picture below, left side, long hair). Yes, yes, I took a picture during Sacrament meeting! I had to document those 3 fabulous red ties that the 3 young men were wearing, they were made of felt! They were cut straight across on the bottom and had an elastic neck band. Two of the ties hit the boys at their chest, the other tie went to the (shorter) boys belt. The Primary must have made them for presentations like this and use them year after year. 

This Stake Center had beautiful benches but they are not bolted to the floor.  They move around and slide around when you sit down and tip if you lean foreword.  All the buildings we have been in so far have benches like these.

Below they had the fathers sing with the Primary children and the whole Bishopric went up.  The Primary Presidency were all standing and moving around the whole presentation.  They were either chasing after the Nursery age children or shuffling children to the podium or being the Primary chorister. Bless their hearts, they earned many blessing this Sunday, they worked so hard!!! 

It was a lovely Primary Program and they had no pianist for any of the musical numbers! I did find out that the little 5 year old children can read Spanish faster than I can, very, very depressing!

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