Sunday, November 16, 2014

Argentina Toilet Paper

I'm sure my daughters were wondering when I would blog about toilet paper. I take toilet paper on every trip. I have my favorite, Charmin. I buy it in large quantities at Costco. It would not fit in my suit case this trip, nor could I bring a years supply. I was hoping that Argentina would have Charmin toilet paper.... no such luck.

Alan describes the above toilet paper to crumbling up a sheet of lined writing paper and using it, I agree. It does have some cute pictures on it and the blue design one even smells like baby powder (really smells and probably is not good for you to use). So the best one available so far is the Scott pink and blue pkg. The others are now on a shelf for our emergency preparedness kit.

We even tried their paper towels (below), not bad but very expensive. We might be moving on to try some of their tissues (which come in very small pkgs). 

Missing the comforts of home and this fixture thing below on the right is looking better and better as time goes by.

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