Monday, June 21, 2010


Play week: Wednesday's Adventure was a family wedding! Alan's niece Jennifer got married (David's daughter). This was Wednesday, June 16th, the day trees were blowing over, crazy winds downtown SLC. This blog is for Katherine who couldn't go to the wedding since she is out of state and the pictures I stole off of face book! I can't believe I didn't snap any pictures! Her sign in book was vintage post cards that you wrote on the back and put in a big old mail box sitting on a table. Cake top was designed with Jennifer's dress. Wedding SLC Temple, lucheon Lion House and reception Lion House, wedding dress from NY, pearls given to her by Grandpa Wheatley and they were Grandma Wheatley's and the netting in her hair was from Grandma Wheatley's veil. The rain and wind brought the reception inside the Lion House instead of a garden reception. It was lovely, congratulations Jen and Sam.

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