Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something New

Well, these are not something new but, they did get new packaging as Abby and I found out. We cleaned out the freezer and found many strange and scary things from a couple of years ago in the bottom of our chest freezer (which is not staying). Such as Maddox Steaks changed their wrappings! And no, the something new is not the mower man on the golf course...
It's hidden in our trees!
Mommy and baby birds (at least 2). Sorry that we can only see the mommy, that is if you enlarge this picture. Stay tuned for more adventures with our new friends.


  1. Did you find Tom's frozen fish in the freezer?

  2. Who knows!! Abby and I were throwing things right and left in black garbage bags before garbage pick-up Monday morning! The chest is empty, yes I said empty, and I am ready for a new up-right freezer. Abby says no to any kind of freezer after the amount of $'s that went into the garbage can of old freezer burn food!