Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Liz

Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter Elizabeth, we love you so much! And look at the cute grandchildren that she has given me and wonderful son-in-law, too!
Happy Birthday Liz started out with Joshua having his 1st Grade program and he is the handsome one on the back row in the white shirt! Of course I have video but I have not learned the fine art of putting them onto the blog (the video will just not work, help!).

His class did a group reading and then a story of the Three Little Pigs with props. It was so cute.

Josh has a poster of his "loves" (above) and his Spring ideas (below)

After his wonderful program we went to Birthday lunch at Texas Roadhouse and of course the picture is not so good of the Birthday girl, we love you Liz!

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