Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack

Start of "Play week": Where has the time gone, Jack is four years old! Abby, Joshua and I traveled to Idaho to celebrate. The kids got to make their very own pizza Friday night and then breakfast was cinnamon rolls. Don't let the Santa Jamie's confuse you, it was June 12th, the big Birthday Day for Jack. It was fun to have his cousin Joshua up from Sandy, UT to celebrate the fun.
Jack got a bright red bike from Grandma and Grandpa Wheatley and
a swing set from mom and dad. Too bad it was raining, blowing and very cold in Idaho on Saturday but, Jack has a very big garage so party on!
The sun came out for a sec!
Bowling was next! Angie got a strike..
Josh got a strike, Vince I'm sure he got a strike (by the way, he is gooooood!!). Abby and I, well let's just say that the gutter got a lot of action from us.
Jack got his very own bowling pin with his name on it and everyone sang to him over the PA system.
Then it was off to Applebee's for a cheese burger.
Present time..
More present time...
Jack got to decorate his very own cake all by himself!! Happy Birthday Jack, we love you!!

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