Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

I had to start this Memorial Day post with my favorite headstone which can be found in the Tremonton Cemetery. I think that is what I want on my headstone "I told you I was sick"! It is a classic!
We started off the day with "This is the PLACE Heritage Park". Yes, that is a snake the kids are touching. Notice Angie is the only adult willing to touch a snake.

Josh is $5.00 richer for kissing a pig, thanks to Grandpa. Notice the care takers face, he wouldn't do it. They were dirty!! Way to go Josh!!!
The kids got to make arrow head necklaces at the Indian village (Grandpa had to make one too).
Grandpa took the kids to the bank to get some real "money of the day" and
then they went and spent their dollar at the candy store.

After the park, we went to John and Josh's favorite buffet, Chuck-A-Rama. As you can see by the drinking glasses on the table we did some pretty hefty tasting of the soda section and made a couple of trip's to the bathroom!
Then we needed to walk off the buffet so we walked around the block to Gilgal Park.
It is a very different kind of park by Thomas Child. It is located at 749 East 500 South, SLC.
Yes, Joseph Smith is a Sphinx.
Everything has a scriptural reference
Below is a self-portrait of Child and conveys his great love for the masonry trade and for his religion. He is holding a Bible and the building behind him is the LDS Tenth Ward where he was the Bishop for 19 years.

The Arch is a monument to the Priesthood.
Everything is related to certain scriptures. The above picture is the last Chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes. The picture below is Daniel II: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream.
The picture below is about the Biblical story of the captain who appeared to Joshua and gave him a plan to assure the Israelite's victory over Jericho. They have a brochure that helps you piece it together.
I want to go back and read all the scriptures that are there and soak it in.
We ended the day with an exciting game of what else? Ping Pong.

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