Friday, February 19, 2010

Playtime at Grandma's

Jack likes to stack things and is very good at it! He thinks the way you play checkers is by stacking them and is not interested in playing it the real way.
Brooke likes to climb, point and squeal! We are having fun times at grandma's house.
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  1. Oh my little sweeties! We miss them! Thanks so much Mom for watching them. We can relax knowing they are well taken care off, and then some!

  2. I have to be vague sometimes in my posts because Hayden and Davis read everything I write.

    Snow White is my cousin Ryan's wife (Danny and Heidi's son). She was Snow White at Disneyworld for a few years before they were married. She and her sister share the costume and wig (that they had specially made). She is doing a bunch of these Princess Tuck-ins in the next little bit because she is 10 weeks pregnant with their first and won't be able to fit in the costume much longer.

    She charges $50 and will come and do the whole thing for as many girls as are at your house. So if you decide to have a granddaughter sleepover and have a surprise princess show up let me know ASAP.

    She just lives here in Lehi - so I'm sure she would be able to tell you a night she is available. She tries to do at least a few a night because it takes her over an hour to get ready.

    It was AMAZING. She looked so good. Totally the real Snow White.

  3. What an amazing grandma you are!