Monday, February 22, 2010

Choo Choo the Big Train

While waiting for the train, we took a picture of the Grandchildren. It is hard to get all the kids looking, smiling, holding still and keeping babies from falling off the bench (yes, we did have one fall off the bench, but I can't talk about it)! And then I push the "take the red eye out" button and get white eye marks on some of the kids! Well at least all the kids are in the picture! Smile...
Pure joy... Choo choo the big train is coming down the track, Stop-Look-and-Listen, Stop-Look-and-Listen. Choo choo the big train is coming down the track (we sing this in Nursery class).
I just want you to know that I just had a camera miracle happen! I lost these train pictures last time I up-dated my blog and have been very upset about losing them. I just plugged my camera into the computer to save some pictures to picasa and wow the file came up! I had even checked my camera to see if they were on it and it said it was empty. And... just now when I took my memory stick out of the computer the train file disappeared! Luckily I put the trains in another file! It is my February miracle and I hope I keep getting a miracle each month this year!
Brooke got to ride with Tom and Angie and loved to hang out the windows like a little puppy dog! The train makes the cutest train sounds.
This train drives all through the mall and I wonder if anyone has been run over by it!
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  1. You just needed to get those darn Byram kids out of your house so you could focus-I knew you would find them. They are so cute! I can't believe that train drives around the mall! Thanks so much for watching the kids mom! When we pulled in the driveway Jack asked when we were going back to Grandma's. Oh Dear.

  2. Thanks for inviting us to ride the train. We had a lot of fun, I'm afraid that everytime we visit the mall Sis is going to think that she gets to ride the train.