Monday, February 22, 2010

Daredevil Girl

We have a little climber! We were changing a light bulb and Brooke decided she had to climb the ladder and did a little trick for us! Don't worry Ang I am standing right next to her and dad took the picture. While Jack and Brooke were staying with us I should have lost 50 pounds chasing her up and down the stairs! She is very fast and we spent alot of time on these stairs. I just thought I should have brought out the vac and cleaned the stairs (they would have been very clean).
I found out she likes to put things on her head.
This is another danger stunt Brooke does. She loves to get on this little hand chair and look out the window in the study. She forgets she is on a chair, turns and falls off. I am happy to report that I returned her to her parents all in one piece and without any marks!
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  1. Funny little kids. I bet they kept you busy

  2. Yah sure you were right there Mom! Just kidding, I love it! Maybe you should have let her fall off so she would learn a lesson about climbing on things. Oh the bucket on the head, Classic Brooke.

  3. She seems to have alot of personality. She's very cute and you seem like a very fun grandma! :)