Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice Skating

Joshua gave a report at school about Ice Skating and he brought his report to our house on Sunday and gave us his presentation, it was great! He didn't have one written note because he knows alot about ice skating because he is taking some skating lessons.
Notice the white ice skates by the fireplace, well they are mine and we even have a pair of black skates that where great grandpa Wheatley's. Funny how the white skates are the same as in the picture that Joshua is holding. You would think they would make some kind of up-grade to skates after 40 something years. They look brand new because I don't like to skate. We had to skate on the big lake (okay it is a pond but it felt like a lake) in Brigham City. Something about being on a frozen, deep-water pond that I didn't like since I am afraid of water!
Josh gave all the kids a pair of skates to use at their homes just like the girls are demonstrating. These skates are also good to clean your floors. Great job Joshua!
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  1. Tell Josh we use soup sized rubber maid containers at our house (just the right size for small feet) for ice skating. I don't know which of my kids came up the idea years ago.....but I would like paper plates MUCH better . Then I wouldn't have to wash all the rubbermaids.

    Thanks for the tip!

    p.s. Did my mom ice skate too?

  2. You finally got out your skates? After years of begging you got them out for Josh? Well well well

  3. Karen and I got those beautiful white skates for Christmas one year. I still have the antique box that they came in. They are weapons, very sharp blades and very heavy. I don't have one good memory about these skates, only fear. Use the cheap paper plates and have fun!

  4. Yes I did ice skate with Debra Hobson numerous times each winter thus the reason we got skates one year for Christmas. We would go back to Hobsons and have hot chocolate with real whipped cream, it was so good and I still crave it. I used a very old pair of skates prior to getting my own. And I also still have mine in the original box. I used to hide notes from my boyfriends in the skates. I'll bet you never found them.