Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

New Year Highlights: Ang/Vince & Kids came down and surprised me on the 26th to stay, Jungle Gyms Playland adventure, Swimming, Ice Skating, Tubing in our back yard (we have a very fun hill), snow man building, more eating, putting a puzzle together, staying up till 2am on News Years Eve, Tom's family sleeping over, eating, Katherine getting the flu, everyone eating but Katherine, Tom's Ang almost breaking her nose while playing with the kids, Movies, playing Beatles Rock Band, playing with all the cousins, colds, coughing and humidifiers, more eating. A great start to the new year.
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  1. Thanks for a wonderful holiday break. Now hopefully you can sit back a relax.

  2. Happy New Year!! I love your collage of pictures. That is a great idea!