Sunday, January 17, 2010


We have fog: "thick mist; unusually dark atmosphere" says the dictionary. Well, my camera shot right through it and made it bright! It was all halloweenish but the camera wanted bright and cheerie!
I just found this picture of Katherine from January 4th when she flew back to Louisville. Yes, she had to check luggage, christmas stuff you know. That was the last time I was in a car, sickly am I. We miss you Katherine!!
Here is a winter scene from Alan & Abby's adventures in Heber City last Saturday. I wonder if the home owners meant to do that?
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  1. My favorite part of winter is the frost on the trees! It is so beautiful! We miss Katherine too!

  2. There is a tree just like that in Lehi.

    Davis begs me to stop and take a picture of it every time we drive by.

  3. Are you still sick? Do you need something? I think you should do that to a tree in your yard!

  4. I love the tree. I bet there's an ice monster inside it