Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas still Happening

Family Tree: being sick has it's advantages, I can still enjoy Christmas into the New Year!
Disney Tree: makes my eyes twinkle
Santa Tree: well... it's Santa and it makes me happy.

Antique Ornament Tree: this one will be tricky to take down and hopefully by this weekend I will feel up to taking them all down. If not I think they will look lovely with Valentine Hearts!

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  1. Leave them up until we come down again! Jack keeps asking in his prayers for Christmas to come tomorrow. If we come to your house and Christmas is still up, it will be a dream come true for the boy :)

  2. I love making wishes come true!

  3. There is no rush to take down the tree. I only put mine away because if I left it up any longer it would become a fire hazard and I'm sick of pine needles all over the house.

  4. I am wondering who the presents are for that are still under the trees.