Sunday, April 5, 2015

Barrio Belgrano

A couple of Sunday's ago we traveled to the Belgrano Ward to give a presentation to a combined Relief Society and Priesthood on the new Self Reliance Initiative (what we came to Argentina to start). It was so good to see sister Fagunde (pictured here just walking into the Chapel). She has been a member for just under a year and was one of the first people we got to meet at our self reliance center when we arrived in Argentina last August! Her husband, Anibal, was looking for a job for a very long time.  He now is a night watchman and still came to church even though he had not slept! It's so nice to see that they are still active and faithful members of the church!

It was a lovely cool day and I got to wear a sweater, which hasn't happened in a very long, long time!  Fall is starting to happen in Argentina! We had our combined meeting in the chapel which has no benches, just folding chairs. It was the smallest chapel we have been in so far.  It is a two story building. They hold Relief Society, Gospel Doctrine Class and of course Sacrament Meeting in this chapel. 
Alan was about to begin the presentation and an area Seventy, Elder Rechek, from Buenos Aires came in and sat down.  He was in Rosario introducing the new BYU-Idaho PATH program for the Institutes down here.

We took a cab to and from the Chapel which takes about 30 minutes each way.  One of the dangerous things we do in Rosario is ride in cabs.  A few are nice, clean and have seat belts that work and then others are not so nice.  I think I've only found 3 working seats belts since we've been down here. The dangerous part is either the way the driver drives (crazy, like he is driving a race car!) or the condition of the car and most of the time it is both! The little red light in the window tells you this cab is available. (pic below)

We called on the phone for this cab to come pick us up so we weren't standing out on the street with our portable projector, extension cords, computer, cell phone and books. This cab was pretty worn down but the driver was nice.  He was very large and his seat was broken and leaning into the back seat! The bottom picture is of the meter (upper right side of the windshield) that tells us how much the ride will be. Our ride was about $20 US dollars round trip.

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