Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mi Camino Rosario Stake and Rosario Norte Stake

Friday, March 20th was the first Mi Camino night in Rosario! We came down here last August to get this started in Rosario and it is finally happening! The Pergamino Stake (an hour away from Rosario) had their Mi Camino night while we were in Utah for my mother's funeral. It was hard to miss it, since this is what we came here to do.

Many obstacles have delayed this initiative from rolling forth sooner, mainly getting these manuals translated into Spanish!!! It took forever!!!!! These manuals are online at under Self-Reliance (in English), take a look! Self-Reliance is both temporal and spiritual. Do a My Path evaluation and see if you have room to improve on your Self Reliance! Hint, we all have room to improve!

Our Stake President Councilor, President Lazzarra conducted. These pictures were taken at the beginning of the night and the tables and chairs filled up.

Stake High Councilor over Self-Reliance said a few words (pic below).

Pilar Segovia (below) is the Stake Self -Reliance Specialist and is introducing the manuals. She is also our Bishops wife! They had 35 attend and one of the sisters took the little kids and had a little nursey (bless her heart). The Pergamino Stake had 60 participates show up on their first Mi Camino night, so this Stake has work to do. They are dragging their feet because our Self-Reliance Center where we work has been doing all this for the members of their Stake and now it is being turned over to the Stakes. But I know it will take flight in this stake.

On Friday night the Rosario Norte Stake had their first Mi Camino night and it was fabulous! They had 57 participants and more people are signing up for more Mi Camino Classes.

The Rosario Norte Stake had fabulous refreshments after the seminar.  They had sandwiches and dessert cakes and of course pop with Table Cloths!!!! Table Cloths!!!!!!!

One more Stake Mi Camino Night and then we can come home!!!!!!  Well, not quite, we still have lots and lots of trainings and presentations to give and colleges to find and approve and late paying PEF loan participants to call and emails to answer and people to help make curriculums and find jobs etc., but Self-Reliance is taking wings in Rosario!!

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