Monday, April 6, 2015


I guess it is getting close to the time when we will be coming home because almost all of the sister missionaries that were here in our area when we got to Argentina have gone home!! I will miss these Hermanas so much! Below is Hermana Siapo who is from Chiclayo, Peru. Every time I saw Hermana Siapo her hair was wet (no hair dryers, so air drying and it took forever for her hair to dry).  Today her hair was dry (it was 6 in the afternoon)!!

Hermana Siapo and her companion Hermana Cruise would come to our Self Reliance Center almost every day and we would read the Book of Mormon together.  She would practice reading in English (and I would help her with her English) and I would try to read in Spanish (and she would help me with every word)! She made us a card and gave it to us when we were at the mission home giving a training to the missionaries that were going home in March.

Below is Hermana Martinez from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Hermana Martinez and Hermana Siapo were serving in our home ward area.  We saw first hand what hard workers they are. They served the Lord well for their 18 months in Argentina.

Below is Hermana Hickman from Seattle, WA.  We met her while she was cleaning the baptismal font at a stake center in our area one evening where we were having a meeting and now she is home.

By the look of her shoes (below), she knows how to work hard too!! Hermana's (sister missionaries) are fabulous missionaries and have great success reaching the people here in Rosario!

Below is the group of missionaries that we were able to train on Self-Reliance (March 23rd) before they left the mission to return to their homes. We only have two more of these trainings before we return home! So much to do, so little time left!!

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