Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Las Vegas

Don't ask me why, but we traveled down to Vegas. Just look at it.....yup, this picture says it all!! There is a cloud of yuck hanging over this town.
One bright star was we went to Trader Joe's, a first for me and yes I will return to a Trader Joe's in California to try some more new treats.
We stayed off the strip this time and it was delightful! We were out by the airport at a Homewood Suites. Two bedrooms, two baths, 3 TV's, breakfast, pool, easy on and off the freeway, no smoke and the room was clean! We didn't have a view of the strip, but this would have been it if our room would have been on the other side of the hotel. Kinda looks like the strip is surrounded by a prison fence (might not be a bad idea).
Activities included: A fashion show with rising walk way and everything
Lunch at Maggiano's (Abby's favorite place) and shopping
The Beatles Love show, great music!

Serendipity's, twice!
and now you can see why we went twice... frozen hot chocolate!
A little decor lighting
Bellagio water show from the car while waiting to turn into the Bellagio. We saw the whole water show from the car!! A very long wait.
And gardens at the Bellagio and BEE decor!
We made a quick trip to Paris by moon light! Well, it looks like the real thing! Did I mention that the temperature that night was 122 in the parking garage!! What were we thinking of going to Vegas in July!! 112 in the day time!!!!!!!!!!
Pet Rose signing
And The Lion King show!!

We left on Thursday, July 22nd, Alan's B-day and came back on Sunday. I do believe this will be my last trip to "Sin City" (my new name for Vegas) to see show's or for shopping or eating. We ventured into Mandalay Bay to see the Lion King show and they have dancers up on the tables dancing and the guys are cheering, cat calling etc.. Have not seen that before and don't want to see it again!
Good bye Vegas... no longer will my money go toward hotels, food, shopping and shows in Vegas, my money will go to another town and state. Over and out.

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  1. I love it! You are hilarious. At least it sounds like you had some fun. You are crazy to go in July. I am trying to postpone our Vegas trip as long as possible.