Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lagoon: "It's what fun is", at least that's what the commercial says and the kids thought the commercial was right on!!

Look how well behaved they are listening to the instructions from the ride operator above! It was really fun because the kids would ride a ride and then want to ride the same one about 5 times in a row and we would find a nice bench in the shade!

Fun, fun, fun even for the parents and aunties!

We basically stayed in the kid area all day. We would watch them come... and... go on the rides.

The picture below is a keeper, I wonder if Alan even looked at what he was riding!!

We went to Lagoon on Friday, July 2 to celebrate Joshua, our oldest grand child turning 8. Ang and Vince came down from Idaho and if we all look a little tired its because it was 94 that day.

This picture is a little scary. What's up with the green water?

Did you know that they have Zoo animals at Lagoon? Well, they do and we saw one animal that wasn't even listed on the tour! A big fat rat!!

We've got the family all lined up one after another on the sky ride below...

Getting wet is all part of the show and that is why I am on dry ground taking pictures! Thanks everyone for being good sports with the rides and the heat of the day!

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