Monday, July 19, 2010

Independance Day 2010

Starting July 2nd and ending on the 5th was one BIG party! Started with Lagoon, Baptism, sleep overs, hikes etc.

Bike decorating and bike parade (pretty darn impossible to keep kids in a straight line). Notice Brookes bracelet, a roll of tape.

Chalk drawing masterpieces (Brooke stole Grandpa's chalk). Savannah's was the largest drawing.

Rockets everywhere, in the trees and on the roof! (one of our favorite activities)

Scooter rides with Grandpa

Tank battles on the Flag, we are not sure who's tank won. Flag drawing by Joshua.

Airplane flight school..

Parachute's and prize winners.

Sleep over at Grandma's with breakfast made by Aunt Abby in her Canada wear.


A hike and a little rock band to end the day. Happy Birthday USA!!!!!!

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