Monday, April 19, 2010


Pat was our horse when we were young, well it was Grandpa John's horse. Three things are troubling in the picture above.

1 - What's with mine and aunt Karen's pant length?
2 - Pat's not looking so good and
3 - I don't think that fence is going to keep Pat in!

In the picture below Pat's looking better and taller. I have always been afraid of horses, even Pat!

By the way, I wonder where I got the idea to dress my girls in matching clothes when they were young?

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  1. Davis is reading this post with me and wants you to know that he wishes he lived with you when he was a kid so he could have a horse of his own.

    I never knew about Pat.

    Making our kids match must be an inherited sickness.

  2. What happened to him in the first picture! It looks like you skinned him! ha ha. Also who's riding pat in the second pic?

  3. You forgot to mention when you took Pat to the glue factory, so sad for Pat the horse. Are you afraid of Camels? Because I think one has your name on it in Israel.

  4. You look just like Katherine! I love these pictures. Oh and I really hope Liz is lying and that Pat didn't go to the glue factory...:)