Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Started off with a April Fools joke or two and then making some dino hats and watching dinosaurs grow in water. Friday we went to the Johnson Farm to see lot's of dino tracks.

Had a picnic lunch at the red rock cliffs and I got a few new gray hairs with the running, jumping and climbing! I worry for everybody and just had to turn my back and not look at the rocks, but no band-aids were administered!

Abby had a two thumbs up day, but I'm not feeling it! We saw Fort Pearce, dug around at the Warner Valley Dinosaur tracks and played in the sand dunes along the way. At the dunes we were standing watch so the ATV's didn't run us over! I'm sad to say we won't go back to Warner Valley because it is over run with ATV's. Last time we went we had it all to ourselves but, it was a few years ago.

Oh, yes it was Conference weekend! We just loved the way they hung the TV at the house with all those wires hanging down for the kids to play in!

Autumn and Megan let the cousins play with their chalk that the Easter Bunny brought and Angie found the "Big Golden Egg" on the hunt and Thomas was very happy.
Ya know, it is almost impossible to get all the grandchildren holding still, smiling and looking in the same direction for a picture. I'm just glad that Josh had a good hold on Lilly! Liz made all the little dresses for the girls with Ang.'s material!

Sunday morning Grandpa presented an Easter lesson for the kids. Poor Lilly got sat down in the wrong direction!
Easter Sunday dinner was held outside. Angie's brother Brandon came over and John invited a guy (Pat) who lived a couple of houses away, who we had borrowed jumper cables from, to come eat. Pat brought us some bubbly to drink!
Here is a look at the salmon, chicken and all the fixings.
We tried a fun new pasta that was stripped and when you cooked it, it lost its bow tie shape!
Happy Easter coloring contest with prizes worth up to $'s. Alan had the master coloring sheet.
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