Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Greene Manor In St. George

This is where we spent our Easter Weekend. Josh said his favorite thing was running back and forth between the carriage house and the main house!
The kids loved it. It even had a little bit of "wilderness out back" (what movie is that from?)

I loved the yard. Maybe it was because there was green grass and back home there was snow! There were beautiful old trees that were just getting ready to leaf out.

This is the interior of the carriage house. The bed in the background is good for only one person to sleep in as Alan and I found out. Oh, by the way, the kids are doing the "bunny hop" dance while Grandma and Aunt Abby are hiding 150 eggs outside.
This is the kitchen and family room and we are enjoying breakfast.
We had a "Pollyanna experience" with rainbow prisms all over the living room from the lead crystal front door. It kept the kids entertained. I'm sad that the rainbow colors did not show up in this picture. I kept thinking a leprachaun was going to pop up at the end of one of the rainbows!
Yes, I took a picture of the old brick and door jam, I loved seeing the old brick.
This bedroom was perfect!

We needed more time to play.

The kids slept in a loft in the carriage house and I slept on the other side of the white stair rail. All in all it was a great old house, the yard was wonderful but the cleanliness inside the house was not great. Let's just say that we wore flip flops in the showers and lysoled the toilet's and never went bare foot. And don't even get me started on the furnace filter that was very visible in the hall way (you had to see it to believe it)! But let's end on a positive note, we never saw a mouse!
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  1. What a fun place! I would have loved a little bit of warmth. Oh well maybe next year.

  2. We thought it was a perfect weekend (except for the ride home). Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. I wish I could go back.