Monday, March 8, 2010

A Royal Visit

Dreams came true at the Wheatley house on Saturday when the real Snow White came for a Tea Party.
Savannah, Autumn and Megan were so surprised! They couldn't believe their eyes and neither could grandma! I almost started crying... Snow White was sooo beautiful, her hair, her dress... well, let's just say - She is the real Snow White! Savannah was also checking her out, she kept looking at her own dress and then Snow White's dress. The girls had put a beautiful crown on their heads and when Snow White came they decided they wanted their red bows back in their hair because Snow White had a red bow.

We were putting a puzzle together when Snow White surprised us and so she came and helped put the puzzle together with the girls.
Snow White brought her beautiful story book and showed it to the girls.

Savannah is very into fashion and and was wondering if Snow White's shoes were black like hers and so for about 3 minutes Savannah was inch by inch slowly pulling up Snow Whites dress to take a peek! And sure enough, they were black!

Then it was off to the Tea Party.
Joshua has never been to one of our Tea Parties and so we set him up with a man size tea cup and treats at the bar.
Only the best manners were used at the party. I think the girls were on their best behavior for their special quest.

Snow White left the girls with an autographed picture of herself, hugged the girls and was off to another adventure with her Prince (who she said was off riding horses in the woods)! It was truly one of my all time favorite days! Only one word can describe it...Magical!

It would have been a perfect day if only Ang, Jack, Brooke, Katherine and Abby could have been here with us! We missed you guys soooo much!
Our adventures did not stop after Snow White left, the girls kept playing Snow White all afternoon! Look at cute little Lilly who was trying to get in the picture!
The girls would take a bite of a "magical" apple and then fall down dead and needed a Prince to come wake them up! Josh was not about to kiss the girls, so he would pinch them, luckily Uncle Tom was around to wake the beautiful Snow Whites!
I had sooo much fun setting up little scenes for the Tea Party. These Seven Dwarfs are from Aunt Karen's Snow White collection (thank you!)

These little figures are Aunt Karen's and are old McDonald's happy meal toys.
Ya gotta love the BIG red juicy apples!
Sorry, i just noticed this one is a repeat! But, I love little Snow White having a little Tea Party with her seven friends!

And of course the witch is my favorite of the McDonald toys! If you take the black skirt off you can flip her and she turns into the queen.

We took over 200 pictures and I cut it down to 183 pictures. It's a wonder how Snow White could even see what she was doing with all the photo flashes going off around her! It was so hard to limit this blog posting to only 27 pictures (sorry for the over kill of pictures but, not really).

I'm not sure if this Tea Party was for the little girls or for me (and maybe Aunt Karen, too, she stopped by). I had so much fun! Thank you Snow White for taking time away from the Seven Dwarfs, your Prince and all your Royal Duties to come and play with us! We love you, THANKS!
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  1. Oh my goodness! You are amazing. That looks like so much fun. My girls would love that. I need the info.

  2. I love the girls lying on the ground, and the apple with the bite out of it. I am still laughing! What a cute party! Sorry we missed it :(

  3. I'm so glad you were able to do this. It was so fun to see all the details.

    Like you, I think Jim and I were just as (or more) awestruck as Alice when she came to our house. She is definitely the real Snow White.

    p.s. Mom (who I know will read this comment) Why have I never in my life seen those Snow White happy meal toys?

  4. I just saw your question about the little castle.

    I bought it 4 years ago for Hayden's Knight birthday party. It was a cake topper, but came with dozens of little knights too. I forgot about it until this morning when I decided to go dig it out of the birthday party rubbermaid.

    Alice usually (like every day) uses her Little People castle for the princess figurines.

    On that topic. Have you seen the little castles that go with each of the little princess dolls at the Disney store (the ones you have sitting at each girls place at the table). There is a different one for each little princess complete with furniture (they're each like $25 per castle). The Snow White one comes with seven little beds for the dwarves. Cutest things ever!

    I've been trying to think up excuses to buy some for Alice for a while now :)

  5. It was a very magical afternoon, Savannah still talks about it. Her snow white shoes have now become the favorite shoe. Thanks again for a wonderful magical afternoon.

  6. Karla, thank you for an absolutly wonderful time. It was magical!

  7. And Phil wonders why I want a girl. Hmmm...It's pretty obvious they are the funnest thing ever! Such a fun afternoon that those girls will never forget.